How a farm girl finds her roots

I grew up on a small dairy farm in Northern Saskatchewan where I was fortunate to be surrounded by cows, horses, chickens, ducks, cats and dogs. Once we sold our farm and moved to Regina my years were filled with obtaining a University Education, getting married, moving to Vancouver, British Columbia and having two wonderful sons. While I was blessed to have dogs I missed the sense of wonder a farm can bring. I never imagined I would own a horse again until through a wonderful series of events in the Summer of 2015 we were able to rescue four wonderful horses, There names are Connie, Gunner, Crazy and Boo. We have lost Gunner however his memory will never be forgotten. Horse Eye Designs was created through a fundraising effort for other horses and still continues to support this cause. What started as a set of calendars as a fundraiser soon branched into paintings, cushions, clothing and jewelry. When one truly finds a passion it seems the ideas come at a fast and furious pace. Since I did the calendar fundraiser in December of 2015 I have had a showing of my work at the Roam Gallery, another showing at the North Shore Winter Club and I now have a summer market in Penticton on Saturdays. Should you be in the Okanagan in the summer please drop by for a visit! I also did the Mane Event in the Chilliwack this fall which was an absolute thrill. I have been blessed on many levels in my journey and one of the most incredible was a dear friend sharing a portfolio of wonderful art by her aunt, Maisie Robertson. I was mesmerized by these drawings and I hope their beauty is reflected in many of the products you will find on this store. Many thanks for reading!

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